Tuesday, April 5, 2016

PSA from Nurse Bananahammock, the VIP edition

So...this showed up on my fb feed tonight...
Here's my $0.02:
When an administrator says to me,
"This patient is a VIP, give them good care.
What I hear is,
"Don't give your usual crappy care."
It's insulting. It demeans my professionalism and my ethics and belittles any of my other patients as being not worth my best efforts.
The speed at which I accomplish tasks in the care of my patient is not determined by their perceived importance to my boss, it is prioritized by the emergent nature of my patient's condition.
If I have a sick patient who is homeless, they will receive the very best care I have to offer, the most compassionate and diligent practice of my craft.
The same is true for a CEO, a fast food worker, a car mechanic or a famous sports star.

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