Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I believe you can

I know that somehow, somewhere along the line people stopped teaching their kids this, but...

NEWSFLASH: Life. Isn't. Fair.

And the ONLY way to make everyone equal is to cut down from the top.  If you plant 2 trees and one grows well and one doesn't you can only make them the same size if you cut one back.   Is that "fair" to the tree that grew?

If you need to belittle, demean or insult someone to make yourself feel better, you have not made yourself equal.  You have shown your weakness.

How about instead of giving in to jealousy and anger at those who prosper, you work hard, learn from the successful, don't look at your challenges as a period that brings you to a full stop, but rather a comma that you have to pause and move past?

Humans are capabe of so much more than we think, sometimes.

No matter who you are, I have faith in your ability to do better.

I will choose to help build everyone up rather than cut anyone down.