Thursday, March 31, 2016

PSA from Nurse Bananahammock, the coffee edition

PSA from Nurse Bananahammock:
If your loved one is currently parked on a stretcher in a hallway because there were no available treatment rooms and a steady stream of police, security, doctors, respiratory therapists and rad techs keep inching their way past you in the now crowded hallway -- to even ask the nurse to get you a cup of coffee is kind of unbelievably ballsy...
but to complain because you were not provided a coffee stir...
You, my friend, are a special kind of asshole.
My badge says RN (registered nurse, not easy to achieve) BSN (look it up, bachelor's in nursing is considered one of the very hardest undergrad degrees to attain) CEN (only about 15% of all ER nurses in the country are board certified).
This means I have studied and worked and continue to study and work to stay on top of all of the latest and greatest ways to save your life.
I suck at getting coffee.
You're welcome.

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